In July, 1984, a group of Australian and French residents formed the Laperouse Association for the Australian Bicentenary with the aim of establishing a museum in memory of Laperouse, on the very site where his expedition had arrived to witness the first six weeks of British settlement in Australia.  The Cable Station at La Perouse in the Botany Bay National Park was chosen to house the museum.

The museum commemorates the achievements of Laperouse and other French navigators in the Pacific, and records their significant role in the exploration of the Australian coastline.

Officially opened by the Hon. R.J. Carr, M.P., Minister for Environment and Planning, on the 23rd February, 1988, the museum was a gift to the New South Wales Government, in the name of the Laperouse Association, by the French Defense Minister Mr André Giraud, as President of the Comite Francais pour le Bicentenaire de l’Australie.

In keeping with the spirit of cooperation required to create it, this museum also seeks to perpetuate and further strengthen the long-lasting ties between Australia and France.

For details of the Collection :

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Aims of the Friends of the Lapérouse Museum:


·   Increase public awareness of the Museum and Monuments

·   Promote the Museum and Monuments as a resource for education and research

·   Develop and support community events

·   Work co-operatively with NSW Parks & Wildlife Service and stakeholders for the benefit of the Museum, Monuments and site.

·   Seek sponsorship & fundraising opportunities for the Museum and Monuments.


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