Following is a small selection of recommended references including the Journals of Laperouse and books which provide context to the history of exploration and the enlightenment.  One book, and particularly one chapter of that book, Botany Bay, A Meeting of Histories,  is examined in detail as it has been used as a basis for decisions regarding interpretation of the Laperouse story including changes to the exhibition in late 2009. See story about these changes as well as  details of what was lost.  Those changes included reducing the ‘French’ exhibition space and mixing in items such as local shellwork introduced by missionaries in the late 19th century.  The Museum visitation rate had been in decline because of a combination of factors – lack of strategy, poor management, lack of customer focus and refusal to accept a Friends volunteer package. The ‘integrated’ approach to interpretation was the final and most devastating cut.  Since then the Museum which had been open 5 days a week is now only viable 1 day a week.

Selected References:

Dunmore, J. Ed. & Trans.(1995) La Perouse, Jean-Francois de Galaup de, The Voyage of Jen-Francois de Galaup de La Perouse, 1785-1788, Hakluyt Society, London.

Riviere, Marc Serve Ed. & Tans. (1999) The Governor’s Noble Guest:  Hyacnthe de Bougainville’s Account of Port Jackson, 1825, trans. and ed. Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, 1999.

Dunmore, J.  (2006). Where Fate Beckons: The life of Jean-François de la Pérouse. Auckland, New Zealand

General histories of Exploration

Novaresio, Paolo (1996). The Explorers. Stewart, Tabori & Chang, NewYork

Vovelle, M. trans. Cochrane, L. (1997) Enlightenment Portraits University of Chicago Press, Chicago.  Chapter 7 is titled “The Explorer” by Marie-Noelle Bourguet.

Wright, Ed (2008)  Lost  Explorers, Murdoch Books, Sydney.

General Account of early settlement:

Hill, D. (2009) 1788 The Brutal Truth about the First Fleet, William Heinemann, Sydney.

Diary Accounts of the first 6 weeks of settlement: 

Collins, D. (1798) An account of the English Colony in New South Wales, London 1798 reprinted A.H. & A.W. Reed in association with the Royal Australian Historical Society, Sydney, 1974.

Hunter, J., An Historical Journal of Events at Sydney and at Sea, 1787-1792, John Stockdale, London, 1793, reprinted Angus & Robertson in association with the Royal Australian Historical Society, Sydney, 1968.  Includes the Journal of Governor King.

Protos, Alec, Ed. (1988) The Road to Botany Bay:  The story of Frenchmans Road Randwick through the Journals of Laperouse and the First Fleet Writers, Randwick and District Historical Society, Randwick, 1988.

Tench, W. (1788) Comprising a Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay and a Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson, ed. Tim Flannery, Text Publishing, Melbourne. 1996

White, J. (1790)  Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, J. Dabrett, London.


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